E-Nation - The Psyche of the Angler

16/07/2012:  The Psyche of the Angler....

When I refer to the psyche of an angler, I am talking about the spirit, the soul or mind, and the subsequent action or reaction that occurs in any physical or social environment. So when we take an early morning start, with dawn just breaking, the water is only ever so lightly touched by wind. The colours of the surrounding water, sky, and landforms are silhouetted against the vivid, intensely coloured and changing hues of orange, green, brown, and grey.

The senses become heightened with that distinctive smell of the ocean, stimulating receptors in the brain and causing a slight sting in your nostrils. The smell and sight of the ocean at first light is something special every time. It fuels the psyche, drives our desires to brave what at times are the best and worst that nature can dish out.

It is highly therapeutic and most certainly a mind- and soul-cleansing exercise that helps put most things into perspective with precise clarity. Not to mention it makes us all better anglers as well as developing some much needed life skills.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and develop some of your own psyche! Until next time, stay safe and get casting!