E-Nation - Adventure Fishing!

16/04/2012:  Adventure Fishing!....

When you hear the term “Adventure Fishing”, several random thoughts come to mind almost immediately. Some imagine exotic destinations in faraway places or untouched waters teaming with a variety of huge, rare fish, while others want to take a single engine plane to a remote beach. Everyone has a different vision, and I found mine at the Hawkesbury/Nepean River.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been on a few of these more lavish trips (after scraping and saving every penny possible and gaining approval from the Minister of Finance) to the Northern Territory, here in Australia. Whilst most anglers consider these to be trips of life time, and indeed they are, my real “adventure” was a little less exotic.

My very first trip to catch Australian Bass, on a small tributary of the Hawkesbury/ Nepean River, was incredibly memorable. I recall how the farmland and plains magically turned into high sandstone cliffs with some of the most amazing flora and fauna I had never seen. Everything about the trip was mesmerizing from the smells of the native eucalypts in the spring sun and the tannin stained water to the countless acres of ribbon weed swaying rhythmically in the water. It was an experience that left a mark on all of my sense. Everything was so serene.

While I only caught a dozen or so Australian Bass, the “adventure” was within 1 hour from where I live and it cost less than $50 in fuel for the car and boat. The memory I have is more profound and to me than some of the more costly and exotic trips I’ve taken. It just goes to show that Adventure Fishing come in many shapes and sizes.

So what are you waiting for, go find your own adventure! Until next time stay safe and get casting!