E-Nation - Was it really Summer?

11/04/2012:  Was it really Summer?....

Welcome to my third installment on E-NATION…all the way from wet and windy Australia! Whilst summer here on the east coast of Australia usually means lots of great outdoor activities involving sun, sand, fishing and boating, somehow the weather gods must have forgotten. The weather has been less than cooperative with continuous, persistent precipitation well above historical averages. Now I get the fact that in tropical and subtropical areas there are usually two seasons, “the wet” and “the dry”, given the long range weather forecast, the dry may not happen for a while.

No one should begrudge this much needed rain, as Australia is the one of the driest continent around, and coming out the back end of one the longest drought in its history. We should be grateful for small mercies. But “fair go”, Murphy’s law seems to be dictating to the point that it seems to want to either rain and or blow a gale on every weekend, which seems to be the only time I am able to get out for a fish. As the weekend ends and the weekday toil begins, work beckons and you guessed it… the wind drops and the rain abates.

Here’s hoping I find a few nice days to get out on the water. Until next time stay safe and get casting!



Photo By John Roberts Jr