E-Nation - Obsession and Passion

15/12/2011:  Obsession and Passion Number 1....

Now that I’m officially a part of the E-NATION family, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Domenic (most people call me Dom) and I have been actively involved in the Australian fishing community for over a decade. I have held multiple positions in an Australian Bass Fishing club, in roles as Secretary, President, and Web site creator and more recently the owner of multiple fishing and boating websites. I am also actively involved with some of the leaders in Fishing and Marine outboard brands in the world.

My family and friends would most likely describe me as totally obsessed, bordering on being obsessive compulsive with all things fishing and boating and a diehard Lure and Fly angler. My obsession for fishing and boating was inevitable, in that I stem from a long line of multi generation fishermen.

When I think of obsession and passion, they are not that dissimilar, in that they both manifest in many shapes and forms, either of which often nurture from an early age or even seemingly at times, out of nowhere or nothing. One thing obsession and passion provides is as an output that is something very special, indeed.

Take Ole Evinrude and Lou Johnson, inventors, pioneers and entrepreneurs in marine outboard design and manufacture. Both demonstrating passion and obsession which has lead to the best outboard motors which dated back to the early 1900’s. Evinrude has come a long way since then and is one of the most respected and trusted brands all over the world. Whilst I would never suggest that I am in the same mould, it does emulate what may be achieved in a short amount of time with such a commitment.

My current power plant, an Evinrude E-TEC 115 HO has got to be the best engine I have owned. It has great acceleration, fuel economy, is quiet and requires less maintenance than 4 strokes engines. I am not the only one who knows this, just spend a few minutes at your local ramp looking at other outboards and you will see how popular Evinrude ETEC are. Spend some more time amongst at any Australian fishing tournaments and you will see even more E-TEC’s.

E-TEC’s are the obvious choice of more professionals and amateurs, however the thing I like the most about mine is the reliability that when I head out at “sparrows fart”, it will start first time every time. It’s even more reassuring knowing that when I need to head home after a long day on the water, I can depend on my E-TEC to get back.

As the southern hemisphere warms itself with Spring tides and currents, my mind tracks back 12 months earlier when Port Jackson saw an explosion of Bonito, Australian Salmon, Kingfish, Tailor, etc and they seemed to hang around for months. Hooking 50 – 60 fish each outing was commonplace and I am waiting with anticipation for some more champagne sessions this Spring and Summer, with some reports starting to filter through that there are schools amassing just off North head.

So enough jibber, its time to get out and chase some “Pelagics” on light tackle. Until next time stay safe and get casting!